Thursday, November 6, 2008


Just another learning gimmick or the real deal?

In my endless quest for more learning tools I recently stumbled across iKnow, a flash based language learning site for Japanese and English learners with a bit of social networking thrown in for good measure.

A slick and well designed interface allows you to sign up to various courses with a record of the number of items you have studied displayed in a calendar as you progress.

Those of you already familiar with Rossetta Stone will be right at home here.

The supported languages are:
  • English for Japanese speakers
  • English for English speakers
  • Japanese for English speakers
Like anything to do with language learning techniques it has divided opinion. Why don’t you make up your own mind?

Question: Would you recommend iKnow as a useful learning tool?


Anonymous said...

have you tried iKnow much now?

Kerubin said...

Hi Jayslug,

I have recently been using iknow to help brush up on my katakana. Which i would have to say it has been pretty useful for.

My feeling is that iknow is good to dip into now and again but I wouldn't use it as your only means of learning. As a free resource though its pretty cool.